Music breaks borders, solidarity goes over repression

On the 14th 17th of July, we will make some noise against nations, borders, exploitation and repression in front of the french embassy. As well as on the 9th of November people in Germany act as if there were no borders anymore and as if we were at one and so on, the 14th of July is celebrated in France as the national day to remember the french revolution and the people who died for liberty, equality and siblinghood. Hypocritically fireworks are being inflamed to blow one’s own trumpet without spending one thought on colonisation, exploitation and repression which run like a blood red threat through the history of France and of all imperialistic forces. On the 14th of July 1789 the Bastille has been stormed and occupied as the beginning of a revolution to ring in an era that quits with monarchy, exploitation and repression. The King lost his head but hegemonic structures just put on their sheep’s clothing. Bloody campaigns, massacres and exploitation in French colonies destroyed societies, war and repression are the heavy heritage of this nationalism but of course people keep silent about this. Even though wars of independence banished the colonial rulers, exploitation never ended. Nearly the whole french energy generation is based on uran from the Subsahara and Central Africa. Civil wars and misery are the post colonial burden of Ex- colonies and a leading cause of flight to Europe. Reasons of flight are being concealed and kept up through capitalistic ways of production and ignorant consume.

The competition in capitalism, sexism in partiarchy, discrimination and racist laws are in heavy contrast to the idea of fraternité or siblinghood. Catastrophic situations for people without papers and people without paper don’t have anything in common with liberté et égalité or freedom and equality. These words stay empty slogans and we don’t see a reason to celebrate hypacracy!

But the free spirit of the french revolt did not die out.

There are many „Zones à defendre“, so called „areas to be defended“ like for example the Hambacher Forst between Cologne and Aachen. Places where people organise themselves autonomic and in solidarity and where the ideas of freedom, equality and siblinghood are being lived. But of course the government tries all they can to get these thorns out of their griefy eyes.

Repression is daily fare and can be deadly like it was with Rémi, a 21 year old who died because of a flare shell shot by the police.

Not only the Z.A.D.s but also many illegal free parties are being organised autonomic. Hundrets of people who come together despite observation and prohibition to celebrate noncommercial music.

Since 2002 these peaceful gatherings are regularly being attacked and evicted and pigs confiscated soundsystems. Flare shells, teargas, taser and blue lights are no alternative for fog machines, laser and strobos!

So called “anti-techno laws” prohibit everywhere in Europe that people come together selforganised for noncommercial events to sweap ideas and dance.

Since last year different soundsystems connected to make noise on the streets and to make clear loudly that we are pissed.

In deep solidarity with all people who are affected by repression and with the faith that music can surmount borders, we will gather on friday the 17.07.’15 to make some noise against injustice.

For a society of true values!

Against the construct of borders and nations,

Against racism, governmental violence and repression!

We want to destroy these structures that want to suppress and prohibit us!

We will create free spaces, come together, build up our own structures and celebrate that with musikk and dance!

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