freeeWhy humanity didn’t choose freedom yet? Why humanity still serves a system, that does not serve humanity? Why are we keeping up structures that put profit over life? Why we keep running a machinery in which we are only a gearwheel that has to function better, faster, cheaper? And the profit is there for only a very few bigwigs while the rest of us is being exploited, discriminated, repressed, imprisoned, killed.

It is not, that it would not be possible to change our situation. We are really enough people to break with this shit, take matters into our own hands and create something new that is beautiful for all of us. Just imagine the effect of a worldwide open-ended general strike…

So what is it, that keeps us in chains? I guess for privileged and profiting people its mainly comfort. But more important I find fear. And that is exactly what the ruling want. They are creating a picture in our heads of danger that lurks everywhere… Like this they justify to exercise more and more control over us what they call security. “Oh thank you for your loving protection, you caring mother! What would I be without you?” Well, the question is rather, what would the system be without us….?
… and thusfore the state tries to convince us that without it there would be chaos and destruction. But are we humans really so dumb that we need rulers to tell us what to do and what not? If we let fear control us, capitalism, patriarchy and fascism have already won.

For me its so insane that some people really feel safe in structures made by mass murders, fascists and machos who are jerking off on the number on their bank account and their name on the list of the most mighty.maschieneriedesverderbensfinal

So I ask seriously: State, what would I be without you?
Can I even be without you? You have conditioned me all my life…
Since we are born we are surrounded by lies and illusion and of course they contaminated our heads and hearts. Who made our worldview, our reality?
First of all, we need to be brave to not let us be ruled by unjustified authorities and to not let us be taken in by their spiral of gaganess but to occupy our mind.
But secondly we need to be brave to take a long deep look at ourselves to find out where the system managed to infect us with its sickness.
How do for example our relationships look like? No possessive capitalistic behavior? No hierarchies? No sexism, patriarchal structures, racism, discrimination? No grief, jealousy, competition, pressure to do well?
What is freedom for you? If we want a free world we should think about that…
Are we free in our heads and hearts?
Are we conscious about what keeps us chained and what voices control us?
Are we brave to truly be ourselves and live our ideals and wishes no matter what?
And are we free to break our 1st world horizon and be in solidarity with those who have to suffer most while gaining least?

We need to go into the unknown, take the ways less traveled by, and take selfresponsability…
Yes, we need to break the system because if we don’t, it will break us all. But if we don’t break the system inside of us, we will break ourselves.
So lets smash those borders and hierarchies inside and outside. For me there is no other way to reach real freedom. We can jump over shadows, doubts and fears and discover that we have the power to create paradise in hell if we really want.

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